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Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

MUET.... ARGGHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ari nie sy ada ujian test speaking..
nk ckp susah 2 mmg la..
xde bnda yg senang kt dunia..
sy candidate B..
jd point tuk candidate B 2 ssh la kn..
discussion kte org psl 
"what is the most effective way to the international student to know Malaysia better"
lbih kurang cm 2 la..sy pn x pstii..hahahhahaa
jd nye sy pnye point psl "visiting to the landmark in Malaysia"

nk dijadikn criter,  lbih kurang cmnie la:
examiner: u have 1 minute to read the question..
candidates A,B,C,D: ok!!
examiner: anything question regarding 2 ur point?? anything that u are not understand..
candidate A,B,C,D: no.. (smbil menggelengkn kpala dgn yakinnye)..

* pas 2 examiner 2 tye la lg skali kt kite org ada pape yg x fhm??? still jwpn yg sme..jd nye examiner pn tujukn soklan yg khas tuk ak la..

examiner: candidate B???????????????????
me: no..(geleng kpala lg, smbil snyum kambing)

*hehehehhee..nk thu x npe dia tye sy brkali2??? rpe2nye sblum my group msuk je dlm class, sume candidate B akn tye soklan regarding to the landmark..tp sy x tye pn..kre nye sy nie trlbih fhm la kot..
yg sbnr2nye, sy pn xfhm landmark 2 specific kn tuk pe..
sy bkn nye xnk tye, tp x thu nk tye cmne sbnrnye..hahahhaaha
jd nye, pe lg ngn yakin la sy come out with all my point..( x thu btul or x..berserah je la)
muka nk confident je..
ble fkir2 blik, cm nk ttup je muka ngn kain bju kurung examiner 2..
IBU!!!!!!!!!! TOLONG AYU

lawak la..sbb nye mgkn la examiner 2 assume yg sy nie pndai tersgt2 smpai kn xde question lgsg mcm group sblum nie..n yakin je sy jwb, sdgkn slh kot point sy...hahahahahha
sengal mmg sengal la..

qoute 4 today: 

~Cau Cincau~

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